ICO Review: Verasity – Next-generation Type of Video Sharing Platform

After looking at 36 token announcements, we’re picking Verasity as our ICO of the Day. Verasity is a next-generation video sharing platform. Premise – 3.5 Online video sharing and viewing is a fast-growing market. By 2021, it will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic, with a market valuation estimated at $312 billion. It’s safe to say the traditional … Read More

ICO Review: IoTeX – Decentralized Network for the IoT

After looking at 36 token announcements, we’re picking Iotex as our ICO of the Day. Premise 4.5/5 – Excellent In spite of its rapid growth and evolution, the Internet of Things (IoT) lacks “killer apps” to reach mass adoption and draw more users into the ecosystem. The main issues associated with the IoT are scalability, privacy concerns, high operational costs, … Read More

ICO Review: Disciplina.io – Blockchain-based platform for HR & Education

After looking at 36 token announcements, we’ve chosen Disciplina to be our ICO of the day. Premise – 4/5 (good) Advanced technologies and the rise of everything digital motivates the average individual to seek a better education. Online courses are increasing in popularity, meaning that there’s a clear demand for improving one’s skills in all academic domains and industries. Senior … Read More

ICO of the Week: One Ledger – Cross-Blockchain Protocol

After looking at 257 token announcements this week we’ve picked One Ledger as our ICO of the week. One Ledger is a blockchain aiming to link cryptocurrencies through a universal blockchain as well as to provide businesses a better solution than a single cryptocurrency can provide. Competitive Advantage – Engineering Talent One Ledger’s key advantage over most ICOs is its … Read More

ICO Review: One Ledger – Cross-Blockchain Protocol

After looking at 44 token announcements, we’re picking One Ledger as our ICO of the Day. One Ledger is a Cross-Blockchain Protocol. Premise 4.5/5 Currently there are many cryptocurrencies on the market, but many of them have scaling issues, and they also have different purposes – for instance Bitcoin is targeted more towards payment and Ethereum towards Dapps and Smart … Read More

ICO Review: Evident Proof – Legal Proof on the Blockchain

After looking at 33 token announcements today, we’re choosing Evident Proof as our ICO of the Day. Evident Proof is a platform to store data immutably on the blockchain. Premise 4.5/5 Excellent Evident Technology from Evident Proof on Vimeo.   Whether its articles of incorporation, shipping documents, contracts, or other legal documents, there are certain, legally valid documents and pieces … Read More

How to Spot an ICO Scam

How to Spot an ICO Scam ICOs are an incredible way to raise money for companies to raise money. That promise of easy and quick money also makes them a magnet for scammers. At ICOBriefing.com we look at dozens of ICOs every single day but pick less than 3% of them to review. These are some of the red flags … Read More

ICO Preview: Dbrain – AI Training Platform

ICO Previews are early stage looks at promising upcoming projects which have not announced enough details to be fully reviewed.  AI is one of the major technological forces transforming our world today. From speech recognition to translation, to machine vision and autonomous driving, AI is everywhere and it’s having a transformative effect on our society. But what most of us … Read More

ICO of the Week – Creator.AI

ICO of the Week: Creator.AI – Decentralized Influencer Marketing Platform After looking at 263 token announcements this week, we’re choosing Creator.AI as our ICO of the Week. Competitive Advantage – Successful Existing Platform Creator.AI is an Influencer Marketing Platform using blockchain to directly connect influencers with brands an agencies. Whereas today its only practical for brands and agencies looking to … Read More

ICO Review: Blue Whale – A Better Gig Economy Platform

After reviewing 31 announcements, we’re choosing Blue Whale as our ICO of the Day. Blue Whale is a better Gig Economy Platform and it’s being built on the ICON blockchain. Premise 4/5 Very good Today’s freelancer and gig economy markets are bigger than ever. From AirBnB to Uber to Upwork, more and more people are taking leave from large corporations … Read More