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Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to choose an ICO that we feel is suitable for our audience and our own preference. By filling out the Submit ICO form there is no obligation on our side to review or even respond to your request. We thank you in advance for your understanding and your time to submit this ICO investment opportunity to our analysts.

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About Global From Asia:
Global From Asia (GFA) is about the current shift in the world as Asia as the center for doing international business – more specifically called cross border business. Businesses are online, mobile, and not in one country anymore. Established in 2013, GFA has now become the world’s largest Cross Border E-Commerce Community platform for cross border business leaders to learn, network, and make business partnerships. Together we overcome the challenges you face as you grow your international business.

About Know Your Token:
Know Your Token (KYT) is a full service initial coin offering (ICO) due diligence and advisory firm, specializing in providing detailed due diligence covering the latest ICOs hitting the market globally. KYT reports help investors and other industry participants understand the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies projects and are intended to identify red flags and scams.

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Apart from the Diamond level, all the listed prices are fixed. Please reply to our email with your selection of a service level. If you are proceeding with any of the levels, please send across the information required for listing on GFA’s website, as per the BASIC level’s description. If you are interested in the Diamond level, please contact us so we can arrange a call to discuss options.


Free *


• Inclusion in ICO directory on GFA website
o Display of ICO name
o Display of ICO logo
o Display of ICO ticker symbol

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$50 USD


• All items in the DISCOVERY level
• More ICO details and white-paper references on the GFA ICO Directory.
• Allowing readers to find your Twitter, Telegram, Whitepaper and website

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$250 USD


• All items in the BASIC level
• High level overview of the ICO and opportunity.
• Quick Evaluation and research based on 3 aspects: white paper, website, and media perception

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$2,000 USD


• All items in the BRONZE level
• Basic rating (out of 5) of the premise, team, token structure, risk associated with the project
• Summary rating (also out of 5)
• All ratings published on the GFA website
• Direct link between your project’s rating and website

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$12,000 USD


• All items in the SILVER level
• Inclusion in the ‘Featured ICOs’ section of the ICO list on GFA website
• Audit report published in KYT’s member’s only section—for serious investors, exchanges, and other industry professionals
• Basic KYT Audit Report, useful for verifying project quality for investors and exchanges
o Review of news media, internet presence, and public profile o Due diligence assessment to identify money laundering and sanction risks
o Analysis of core team’s background, including research into former projects
o Audit of project’s token sale structure for compliance with industry best practices
o Analysis of project’s marketing materials

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$33,000 USD


• All items in the GOLD level
• GFA can also list the ICO in their Investment Email Newsletter-with a reach of over 4,500 email subscribers and potential investors (assuming the audit is generally positive)
• Basic KYT Audit Report is upgraded to and Advanced Audit Report—with the addition of a basic technical audit
o Read through publicly and privately available technical materials o Quickly go through code (Github, screencast of code, etc.)
o Review a prototype, proof of concept, or demo video o Additional assessment of technical team members’ profiles,
including some verifications

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• All items in the PLATINUM level
• GFA TV Video Review, delving into the details of the project, as well as other GFA marketing services—with a reach of over 500 potential investors
• GFA can arrange events where an ICO can meet with potential investors in the following countries: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand.
• Advanced Audit Report can be upgraded to include:
o Verification of project’s advisors and service providers o Deep review of code and other technical materials, which can
include building and running a project’s code to test for errors or other issues
o Phone call and interview with the project’s CTO or technical lead
o 3rd party auditing of smart contracts o Risk governance and Information integrity screening o Screening of execution risk aversion and crisis readiness
o Other bespoke technical and best practice audit services

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What People Are Saying

Hi Michael, just watched your CM Coffee Club Digital Nomads presentation. It was awesome, which I could have made it! Hey, just wondering, you were talking a bit about protecting IP by getting the product manufactured by the factory and then the packaging separate. How would this work? I would have thought the factory does BOTH the manufacturing and packaging for you…before sending the product to say Amazon FBA. If there’s a way to get the manufacturing and packaging separate, I’d love to know some recommendations which are cost effective. Hopefully you can reply, cheers! Jason

Common Questions

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept USD by bank transfer, ETH, and BTC.

Currently we do not accept token as a form of payment for services.

How much does it cost

Our pricing fits into the packages above. For Diamond it is on a case by case basis.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

We start the project with a 50% deposit and then 50% to release the work.

* Please note: We reserve the right to decline any potential submission or ICO client without specific reasoning.