ICO Review: B21 – Personal Wealth Manager For Crypto Assets

ICO Review: B21 – Personal Wealth Manager For Crypto Assets Premise – 4 In spite of the rise of crypto assets at a global scale, many people still don’t know how to buy, sell or trade Bitcoin and other sale tokens. There are viable websites and apps that people use. However, most of them target experienced investors and traders who can … Read More

ICO Review: Merculet – Attention Value Network

ICO Review: Merculet – Attention Value Network Premise 4/5 – Very good One of the main perks of Blockchain technology is that it allows users to collaborate without turning to third parties or intermediaries. Right now we’re looking at a world packed with information. For corporate growth, the data overload can pose serious challenges. Blockchain-based project Merculet aims to transform … Read More

ICO Review: DAOstack – Decentralized Governance Framework

ICO Review – DAOstack Premise 4.5/5 Excellent One of the main use cases for Ethereum  was originally Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs). Rather than an organization defined through paperwork and legal structures, DAOs use smart contracts to enforce organizational rules. The promise of DAOs is the ability to have powerful contracts created quickly, easily and cheaply. This can reduce legal and administrative costs and … Read More

ICO Review: Iagon – A Global Supercomputer Powered by Blockchain and AI

Premise  3.5/5  – Not bad The cloud services market is worth $45 million/year and increasing with Google Cloud, IBM, AWS, and Microsoft dominating the industry. The services they provide may not be 100% trusted and secure, but because of their reputation, they can afford to raise the bar and feature really high price ranges. New market entrants don’t stand a … Read More

ICO Preview: Contract Vault – Decentralized Platform for Legal Contracts

  As the legal services industry undergoes considerable change due to disruptive technologies – like the Blockchain – lawyers, corporations and consumers are searching for ways to challenge the status quo of the system. Very few know that most smart contracts are not that smart. Managing, integrating and creating contracts poses difficulties to people with limited knowledge of blockchain development. … Read More

ICO of the Week – IoTeX

After looking at 171 token announcements we’re picking IoTex as our ICO of the Week. IoTeX is a scalable, private blockchain for the IoT. Competitive Advantage – Superior Technology IoTeX is an IoT blockchain technology – an application also targeted by other projects such as IoTA, but IoTeX distinguishes itself with state of the art technology. Rather than using the … Read More

ICO Review: Plentix.io – decentralized blockchain-based platform for the online referral market

Premise – 3.5 Pretty Good Premise Social media is taking over marketing. 84% of consumers today believe in the recommendations of their colleagues, family, and friend when purchasing products and services. In a world influenced by online marketing and advertising, word-of-mouth preserves its power. Studies show that referred customers are thought to be the most valuable because they bring longer-lasting relationships … Read More