The investments division of Global From Asia started in June 2018 as an outlet to help the international business community in finding emerging business and investment opportunities.

As Global From Asia has grown its reach as well as readership – we believe we have a unique opportunity to help successful cross border business owners to find new ways to invest their capital.

As of writing this – we have 3 different investment classes we are covering

ICO Reviews – Analyzing Initial Coin Offerings in the crypto assets space.

Amazon FBA Businesses – As Amazon FBA and ecommerce businesses grow, they need financing for inventory to scale.

Real Estate Developments – Looking to invest strategically, for residence, or maybe just to diversify, we have projects for your consideration.

On top of showcasing different investment chances, we also try to let readers know about the latest news in the international business landscape.

And as always – Global From Asia is always interested to hear from you. If you have ideas, warnings, threats, opportunities, or general feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us!

This is just another way Global From Asia is sharing its knowledge and network with readers on the internet – to break down old walls of knowledge and privileges.