Looking For a Job in the Growing ICO Marketing Industry?

Then Global From Asia would love to talk to you! We have been covering cross-border business and alternative financial solutions since 2013 and have jumped on the ICO and crypto industry full steam ahead.

As the ICO market continues to grow and develop, we want to hire more ICO marketing experts. Our blog helps filter through the growing quantity of ICOs to find the diamonds in the rough and then offer them to our audience in a clear and concise ICO review format.

##How to Apply For An ICO Marketing Job?
We have a simple form for all our job applicants you can fill out – please select ICO marketing when completing it.

When applying – please make sure you give examples of your marketing experience and your expertise in the ICO industry.

##What Factors Are We Looking For In an ICO Marketing Position?
Some things we are looking for:

* Willingness to learn – as this is a new industry, we want all our team members in the department to be following the changes as closely as possible. Learning new things will be a part of the job
* Honesty and transparency – We want to make sure that we don’t go “to the dark” side and use the “force” for good and not evil. Therefore, we want to ensure our team members put the value of our readers first, and not in short term benefits some questionable ICOs may be offering.
* Marketing experience – we hope if you are not as up to speed on the ICO industry – you still have general marketing and SEO skills to apply. At our core, Global From Asia is an internet marketing media company, so please mention your marketing skills if you are weaker in your ICO industry knowledge.
* Fit our culture – we all work online, around the world and hope you have experience and interest in an online based job.

So let’s do this -start your application today!