ICO of the Week: One Ledger – Cross-Blockchain Protocol

After looking at 257 token announcements this week we’ve picked One Ledger as our ICO of the week. One Ledger is a blockchain aiming to link cryptocurrencies through a universal blockchain as well as to provide businesses a better solution than a single cryptocurrency can provide.

Competitive Advantage – Engineering Talent

One Ledger’s key advantage over most ICOs is its strong engineering and development talent. Except for the CEO, everyone on the core team has strong engineering or technical experience.

For a blockchain protocol project, that’s a critical differentiator. While simple Dapps or financial projects can sometimes get away with non-technical people in charge, blockchain protocols need to be architected well from the start.

Besides the core technical talent, the CEO David Cao also comes from an enterprise IT consulting background, which is good for a product targeting enterprises.


One Ledger’s key risks are business-wise. There are some other competing cross-ledger blockchain protocols including Yggdrash and ICON. However they are mainly Asia based, and Korean in particular. We feel that One Ledger’s North American base allows it to better understand the American and Western market and have better access regionally to those customers.


One Ledger is a cross-blockchain protocol with a very strong team and promising premise. ICON – a similar project, has been one of the best performing projects recently and has been extremely successful in gathering real-world acceptance among enterprises as well. Although ICON is operating in the same space as One Ledger, we don’t see One Ledger as a direct competitor because of regional differences, so we think this project is a winner.

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