ICO of the Week – Nuggets

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After looking at 155 token announcements, we’re choosing Nuggets as our ICO of the Week. This is a solid ICO with a great team, a great idea, and good token economics.

Competitive Advantage – All Around Goodness

Nuggets is the rare ICO we see that has both a great idea, and a team that we’re sure will have no trouble executing it. Their goal of creating a biometric based single-sign-on and payment system is brilliant and world changing, yet not overambitious in technical scope. Indeed, looking at the Nuggets team we believe they have the leadership, skills, experience and partnerships to see this vision through.

The Nuggets whitepaper is thorough, and clear. We know exactly what they’re aiming for, what the benefits and impact will be, and how they will do it. This is not only informative for people investing in the project, but shows that the team has a clear vision, and knows exactly how to get there.

Unlike other ICOs tokenizing an idea just to capitalize on the ICO craze, Nuggets is using the blockchain correctly by using a zero-knowledge proof blockchain to protect user data.

Its token economics are quite solid in both the usage of the token as a payment and incentive token on the system, as well as in terms of its low hard cap of $30 million.


The biggest risk with Nuggets is probably not execution of the whitepaper, but the success of the idea in the marketplace. By securing users data and rewarding users for sharing it, Nuggets provides an extremely strong set of benefits for customers. Merchants also benefit significantly from Nuggets – through reduced chargebacks, less fraud, and better security and less liability, but its a more complicated sell. In addition, the market already has strong incumbents in single-sign-on space which could make widespread adoption difficult.


Despite the risks, we feel that Nuggets is strong enough of an ICO to overcome the challenges it faces. Its strong premise, great team, and good token economics make it a winner. Sign up for their presale here.

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Runner Up – HybridBlock

Premise – Cross-exchange trading platform with built in education, with an Asian market focus

Competitive Advantage – Strong Hype(10k+ users in Telegram group)

Risks – Possibly overambitious in its aims of developing a 4 tier trading ecosystem

Summary – A very strongly hyped project that we think will do well despite its very ambitious goals and hard cap of $50 million.

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