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Solutions designed specifically for freelancers & job seekers such as Fiverr, Upwork,
and Pro Finder offer some benefits over more generic social networks, but
frequently charge exorbitant fees (eg. 20%) or Suppliers demand prohibitively
high hourly/fixed rates. These challenges prevent many contractors and those
seeking their services from transacting effectively.

The LINKCHAIN team is solving this Risk//Eciency/Cost (REC) problem by allowing Buyers and Suppliers to come together on our hybrid blockchain-based platform to conduct business in a manner that is safe for both parties. Our goal is to build a platform that focuses and caters to the needs of both Buyers and Suppliers. The value for Buyers is allowing them to easily filter, search, screen and identify high quality candidates at a price within their budget. For Suppliers, the value is in the ability to easily search and identify high quality projects and generate consistent sustainable revenue without paying the high fees and associated costs of using other platforms.