We are building a blockchain based platform in cooperation with the largest Third Party Testing Laboratories around the world to help entrepreneurs, importers, retailers, eCommerce sellers, customs etc. verify suppliers within a few seconds.

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Hey Mike,
Here’s some info about our project:
Libellum is the world’s most innovative supply chain verification platform for product certification, testing, and compliance. Libellum will make working with suppliers safe and secure – through its innovative platform. The Libellum platform will be comprised of 3 key features:

1. Our Web platform and Mobile application will list all verified and compliant suppliers.

2. Product Certifications made easy with our innovative L-ID system.

3. Each supplier will get a unique and encrypted digital ID system secured by blockchain technology.

4. Online sellers will be able to prove product authenticity and compliance by integrating their verified products onto leading E-commerce platforms via our Libellum Plugin.

By implementing Blockchain technology, Libellum will provide a leading platform that is safe for key components in the supply chain industry, including Manufacturers and suppliers, Importers and Exporters, Customs Officials, and Product Testing Laboratories. We have already partnered with some of the largest testing laboratories and are talking to more.
A more detailed description can be found here:

As well as on the whitepaper.
Hope this helps and thank you for your efforts 🙂