DUSK Network

Dusk Network is a decentralized infrastructure focused on providing the sweet-spot between privacy and transparency in payment, communication and asset ownership transfers.

  • Ticker: DUSK
  • White Paper URL: https://github.com/dusk-network/whitepaper/releases/download/v0.3/dusk-whitepaper.pdf
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/duskfoundation/
  • Hardcap: US$7,800,000

The DUSK Network is a decentralized infrastructure that enables fast, anonymous and secure bi-directional transmission of data among equipotent peers, paid for by a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency: DUSK.

1 – DUSK Anonymous Network Layer
A gossip oriented communication tier inspired by I2P.

2 – Segregated Byzantine Agreement
A novel privacy-oriented consensus algorithm vastly more efficient than PoW or PoS.

3 – Secure Tunnel Switching
A protocol allowing cryptocurrency payments for time-unbound and fast data transmission.