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Pitch.Ventures is an exciting new ICO which combines elements of Shark tank, Kickstarter, and Ethereum to create a decentralized crowdfunding platform.


On Pitch Ventures, entrepreneurs running blockchain startups can pitch investors via live video broadcasts, similar to Shark Tank, the popular TV show focused on startups. Investors in turn have the option to choose from different ventures they want to see pitches for. Besides the main investor, other interested parties can also tune into the show and invest if they like. Rather than soliciting direct funding, these projects will solicit PITCH tokens, and send the investor their own projects tokens in exchange.

Pitch is aiming to maximize decentralization of the platform. Not only are the tokens issued via Ethereum smart contracts, but even the video broadcasting is done through peer to peer services which live outside of the Pitch company. This decentralization is intended to reduce the possibility of censorship – for instance for politically sensitive projects.


The Pitch Ventures team has a fairly respectable team of professionals with relevant experience and credentials, as well as advisors, including television personalities. The one weakness on the team is that as  of the people on the core team do not list PITCH as their main employment – although that can be understandable as this is still early stage.


PITCH tokens are used to pay fees in the Pitch network, as well as to buy tokens. For entreprenurs, PITCH tokens are used in the process of pitching investors, while for investors, PITCH tokens are used to buy the tokens issued by the project.

The PITCH token economics and distribution are well designed from a platform standpoint, but they are non-ideal from an investor’s perspective. The public token sale will only consist of 25% of the total PITCH tokens, while 45% is allocated to the team, advisors, and operational costs. 30% of the tokens will be distributed over time on the platform to reward experts who review pitches.

This token distribution model means that there will actually be a certain amount of inflation in the PITCH economy as significant amounts of tokens will be added to the supply over time.


Overall, Pitch is a great idea, decentralized crowdfunding, whose time has certainly come. We especially like not just the great premise, but the fact that Pitch already has a working, albeit non-blockchain, prototype in the form of an app on the iTunes App store. The token economics are the only part where Pitch falls short(in terms of investment, not utility) – but the hype around the project may push prices up regardless.

Their token sale starts on the 28th of February and you can register for the waitlist here.

Bitcointalk | Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Prototype

Honorable Mention

DevNetwork – Decentralized marketplace for tech talent and tech ecosystem platform

Pros: Strong tech team, great premise, working prototype already being used by 55 companies,  powerful platform.

Cons: Low hype, advanced features difficult to communicate, may have challenges expanding outside of SE Asia.

Bitcointalk | Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Prototype

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