ICO Review – Traceto.io

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traceto.io is a KYC solution which uses smart contracts and AI to to alleviate KYC challenges for ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges.


The problem it solves is simple – every ICO and crypto exchange needs to do KYC, but to actually do so is expensive and burdensome. Companies often end up spending too much on KYC, yet still don’t have watertight procedures. Instead of having each ICO or exchange do their own KYC, traceto.io offers KYC as a service, allowing these businesses to outsource their KYC to save money while improving their KYC practices.

traceto.io can be used to perform both initial KYC, as well as do ongoing due diligence and transaction monitoring to maintain compliance.


The team for traceto.io consists of Regtech professionals who also mostly work at Cynopsis Solutions, an Anti-Money-Laundering SaaS provider. These guys are well educated – graduating from Singapore’s top universities including Nanyang Tech and NUS, and Cynopsis is an established company with working products and hundreds of existing clients in the AML space.

Token Economics

Tokens are used as payment for KYC services in the system. After being used, tokens are burned, reducing supply.

The project has a transparent token distribution, showing both token distribution and usage of funds. On the downside, the public token sale only consists of 30% of the total tokens,


This is our favorite ICO so far. The team seems solid, the project makes sense technologically and business-wise, the project goals are large enough to achieve scalable revenue, without being overly ambitious, and the token economics make sense and are transparent. The company also claims that it already has over 50 clients lined up for the traceto.io product.

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Honorable Mentions

FlyingMoney – Tokenization of Financial assets

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