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The World’s first integrated e-commerce and supply chain Ecosystem powered by Blockchain

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4/5 – Good

Vanig aims to address some of the critical issues experienced in Supply Chain by manufacturers and sellers. Through their e-commerce platform, their goal is to make shoppers have a renewed trust in online shopping, by having good product selections, rewards, and transparency.

The Vanig e-commerce platform is addressing the top 5 influencers of product purchase such as product price, tracking, and reviews. These components will help in the creation of a systematic supply chain, eliminating intermediaries, friction and manual processes.

Vanig also realised the importance of having a unique and customised experience for every buyer, which is why it uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These technologies will help in making advertisements more effective, and to certify legitimate sellers.

Vanig also aims to launch the Vanig Token, which will serve as the primary currency in the e-commerce platform. The goal of having the token is increasing its profitability as the e-commerce platform spreads across different countries.


5/5 – Very Good

Vanig has diverse members in both its executive and advisory team, sporting what society calls the superstar team. The executive team comprises of different specialists, but what they all have in common is their exceptional knowledge in entrepreneurship and blockchain and supply chain development.

We also like the fact that Vanig has an advisory team in developing the platform. The advisory group comprises experts from different fields, but their knowledge brings the whole rig together. The composition and diversity of the entire team, executive, and advisory show a lot of dedication in their expertise.


4.5/5 – Very Good

Vanig tokens are integral in the Vanig ecosystem because the tokens form part of the transactions that will take place in the platform. As a result, the tokens are under high security to make sure it is not susceptible to any theft or exposed to risks.

The tokens are available for sale, to allow more stockholders in the Vanig ecosystem. The company targets that there will be a 20 Million USD worth of token sales by the end of September 2018. A significant portion of their token sales will be available for the open market, team tokens, and rewards and incentives.


3.5/5 – Good

The platform has a lot of potentials, and the solutions it presents are relevant to today’s pressing issues. However, many users should till proceed with caution, especially when buying the tokens.

The crypto market is unpredictable and sometimes unstable. The company offers a lot of tokens, and consumers should be cautious in purchasing them. The tokens serve as the primary mode of payment in the platform, which sounds great in general. However, if their status in the crypto market is not great, then these tokens may not have significant value in the platform.

The success and value of the token heavily rely on the number of people who join the platform. Without the right amounts, the platform may fail. Moreover, there may also be trouble in getting people who are not knowledgeable of the crypto market to join the platform. Thus, the platform may have a limited number of reach.

Business Model

4.5/5 – Very Good

Vanig offers the world’s first and unique integrated e-commerce platform with the supply chain. The platform addresses the inefficiencies experienced in e-commerce and supply chain, by utilising smart contracts and reputable ledger of the blockchain. Most importantly, Vanig prioritises and puts in consideration some of the markets greatest influencers.

Pricing is one of the essential factors many consumers look at before purchasing a product. Through Vanig’s e-commerce platform, products costs are reduced. Vanig eliminates the need of having a third-party intervener in the process, which makes the entire efficient and cost friendly. Manufacturers can cut down handling and broker fees, while the consumers can purchase the product at a better price.

Authentic reviews form part of a markets driving factors, which is why Vanig aims to eliminate fake reviews through the use of its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. This technology can be used to detect counterfeit reviews and remove them, to ensure that buyers can rely on the platform.


With Vanig’s e-commerce platform, many manufacturers and purchasers can expect a transparent and reliable platform. This breakthrough solution can pioneer so much more initiatives and concepts which can simplify the online market.

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4 5 1
The platform seems very comprehensive, and the team behind it is just as broad and diverse as the whole project. Its business model allows anyone to understand the necessity of having a transparent supply chain solution, and eliminates the need for third-party intervention. What we like about Vanig is its ability to present a revolutionary idea to many buyers online. Moreover, it can offer its concept in such a manner that invokes the need for a company to change. They were also able to show some of the underlying issues in the current supply chain and blockchain procedures.

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