AES Signatum ICO Review

The ASEAN Exchange System (AES) is a new multi-functional hybrid platform which has a fixed supply of 280 million AES tokens. They allow trade between crypto to crypto and peer to peer, and enabled AES users to send and receive assets in ASEAN countries.

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4/5 – Good

AES aims to be a secure one-stop platform for traders to diversify their crypto portfolio. Having a centralized exchange platform will increase the speed and safety in trading.

AES aims to be a next-generation hybrid exchange, focusing on simplicity, functionality, and security. This enables a lot of beginner traders to enter the crypto assets market without absorbing too many risks and reduced market friction.


4.5/5 – Very Good

The composition of the A-team allows them to have a dynamic and robust system with the AES Signatum. Each member has a dedicated and expert topic, making their pool very diverse and broad. We like the fact that the chairman and founder of AES have been able to witness the trends in the crypto market, making him the expert in his field.

Even if the members have their expertise, but brings them together is their knowledge of the crypto market. This is relevant because they know how to address the market and the necessary strategies. We also like the fact that the experts come from different countries, which brings a broader knowledge to the table.


3.5/5 – Very Good

AES token will be secured and any attack against it will impossible, thanks to the Ethereum technology the company developed. With the token, it could also become possible for users to transact online or offline, and exchange their AES token into fiat money. AES tokens have direct utility, meaning, that the expected buyers of the tokens are also the main users of the service.


4/5 – Good

The platform looks really well, considering the composition of its team. They have all the skills necessary in creating this platform, but it cannot be denied that all this are still speculation.

The end goal of the platform is to minimize risks encountered in decentralized transactions, however, it has not addressed some of the risks involved in centralized transactions. If the platform succeeds, the company has to continuously develop its system to the modern threats experienced online.


5/5 – Very Good

The AES platform reduces a lot of risks involved in decentralized transactions. It is evident that the AES seeks to protect users from these risks, by providing a fast, safe and secure platform for different traders. Most importantly, AES also plans on allowing its users to leverage their assets for them to minimize their cost while maximizing their trading profits.

The platform may still have a long way to go, but we can already look forward to the success of their tokens this 2018. Their success will be a great indicator of their future in the crypto market. However, you should still be cautious about the growth of the company because the platform still has some progress to make to reach their goal.

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AES Signatum

AES Signatum ICO Review
The AES platform seems to be very ideal for beginners who want to start trading in the crypto market. Its business model is apparent and straightforward, and it allows room for any risks. The composition of its team is perfect and allows the company to create more efforts to reduce and eliminate the risks involved in decentralized trading.
- Rhea Gonzalez


AES Signatum ICO Review
Why you shilling this shitcoin?
- NT

Got my airdrop today

AES Signatum ICO Review
Thanks for the airdrop , AES is indeed real and wants to tackle the Asian markets. Moving very strongly from Malaysia
- Sam Andreas

AES Signatum ICO Review
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