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We are featuring friends and companies in the market who are doing amazing things.

CryptoCarz – the world’s first VR exotic car racing game

Shadow Factory – a top VR agency in Hong Kong

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Founder Immigration

Immigration for innovative startups and founders is still a big hassle. We at Venture Seed are sponsoring an immigration forum to help you learn what you can do as a tech savvy internet entrepreneur.

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Freedom and independence is about creating a business that grows in value over time. Check our extensive library of business blogs on international incorporation and upkeep.

You don’t have to (or shouldn’t have to) be shackled to doing business based on where you were born.

Banking Help

Governments and regulators have made it continually difficult to get banking for business owners, Venture Seed is always looking for solutions with
bank directories, banking reviews, alternative solutions & more


Once you have your international business and operations rolling, you will need to find alternative investment opportunities.

As the world moves to decentralization and freedom of the individual, keep on top of the latest ICO reviews in crypto assets and other alternative investment opportunities.

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Want to get exposure to new and innovative tech companies? Read about new technology advancements?

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