Name: Kah Wah Wee
Email: tiggacomltd@gmail.com
Website: http://tiggadesk.com/

The team that developed tiggadesk has a combined experience of more than 100 years in customer care, direct marketing, e-commerce and software/app development. Australia’s telecommunication regulations ignited our customer care journey in the early 2000’s. When one of our 2 team members fell ill or happened to be holidaying, it could happen that the customer didn’t get an answer for days. Worse, calls or emails were sometimes simply completely missed or forgetten because one thought that “The other did it”. We worked with a shared email box and normal telephone lines on our desks. Since customer care was something that we were obliged to have, it never got as much attention as out sales and advertising teams.

At some point we realised that Customer Care could damage us when going wrong. We started trying all sorts of call centre software, ticketing platforms, email platforms and integrated customer care solutions. We ran into our fair share of (very) difficult technical implementations, clunky platforms, lack of logic, user-unfriendliness and found that many platforms had lots of unnecessary bells and whistles.