This startup born to be the Netflix of sport: a digital platform on which video content relating to multiple sports disciplines will be uploaded. The goal is to constantly guarantee training and exercises for all those who have this passion. It will no longer be necessary to enroll in a sports center, pay high sums for the subscription to use it only a few times a month, forced to respect strict schedules. By registering on the platform, everyone can comfortably choose the sport, the training difficulty, the most convenient time and the most suitable location. Born with the mobile-first focus, it will be possible to view the contents comfortably on your mobile phone, so as to allow exercise both at home and outdoors, where it is considered most appropriate.
The sporting world will undergo an imminent and sudden digitalization. Anyone will can train and learn new disciplines from the comfort of their own home with the best professionals. The goal is to involve the best athletes of each discipline on the Italian scene, and then expand shortly after, with the same philosophy, on the European and world market.