Oracol Xor

Name: Oracol Xor
Email: oracolxorlisting@gmail.com

Oracol Xor platform is aiming to breach the technological gap and become a Leader that encourages, stimulates and propagates the use of cryptocurrencies. The core platform elements are designed to effectively reach the grass root level in a simple format that can be adopted with little or no technical knowledge. Oracol Xor has an all-encompassing infrastructure capable of Global reach and is geared towards encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. The core elements will use the XOR blockchain and includes developing a proprietary wireless/data-less phone payments solution and POS (Point Of Sale), monetizing its own Social Media and Global News Platform, with more integrations planned in the short term.As a platform with global reach, Oracol Xor’s mission will be to stimulate the cryptocurrencies mass adoption process. The introduction of several specifically designed solutions for our plan will help us reach the target.