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    visa approved

    Eric’s Visa Approval Experience:

    I came across this experience shared by Eric on Facebook group ‎DV 2015 Winners Meet Here.
    Experience link on Facebook: https://facebook.com/groups/671695982883784?view=permalink&id=794348590618522.y

    thanks be to my master Jesus Christ who through the Holy Spirit directed me to the right people with all the information i needed. People such us Britsimon, Melissa Schaap, Matina Knowles, and all the esteemed members of these forums; i can only say a big thank you from the dept of my heart.

    we got to the embassy a little late, at around 7:45am instead of 7:30am.

    a lady was siting at the entrance with all the appointments for today a sheet of paper.
    she requested for my appointment letter and cross check with what she had, ticked our names and directed us to the security.

    security checks done(took our cell phones, and all electronics, they even took my wife’s make up kits)
    we were then directed to the main consular room where they were two receptionists; a guy and a lady, at the entrance.

    the guy asked me why i was late but i didnt reply him
    he took my appointment letter and asked me to sit down and wait for a call from them.
    they had already called all the DVs before we got there.

    we waited for about 30mins and was called to window 1 where we were given a consular service fee pay sheet and was educated on how to fill it and pay at the cashier.
    i paid in cedis equvalence of 3.40p as at today.

    we sat down again for about 1 hour or more and called to windows 2 for our biometric datas and documentations.
    this took more than 30mins for all the DVs because we were 9 applicants and i was the last person in the queue.

    after about 30mins they started calling us at random.
    the first person who was a lady was denied at window 3; because her date of birth on the birth cert. was different from the eDV entrant

    the second person to was denied at window 5 because his names on the eDV entrant were 2 but he has 3 names on all his documents
    the third and fourth were also not given because the consular gave their passports to them. but i didnt know whether it was put on AP or denied.

    as i sat with my wife and watched; i was shaken up a little because those people were denied for obvious reasons.

    Note: mind where you take your passport photos, ours were rejected so we had to take another one outside which delayed us again a little during our documentation.

    we were finally called to window 3
    co: good afternoon with a smile
    we: good afternoon
    the questions were as follows at random because i may not remember them in the exact order in which she asked.

    has any of you lived outside ghana before?
    which year did you complete your high school and college?
    what work do u do?
    where do you work?
    how long have you been working?
    what was the duration of your training at the training college?
    where did you meet?
    what was the year difference between you and your wife when you were at college?
    how long have known each other?
    when did you start dating?
    how long have u been married?
    when did you get married?
    was it a church wedding?
    how many people did you invite and how many attended?
    what is the name of the church?
    whose church your wife or you?
    when did you start attending that?
    do you any of your relatives in the state?
    so who is your host?
    which state?
    what is your relation to her?

    she gave us the date to come for the interview, told us she was raised up in the state that we are going and advice us that with our profession, it will only be challenging at the beginning but we will be ok once we educate ourself. she advice us start with………., be patient, and also go to school.

    Thanks for sharing, Eric !
    What about you? do you have a Successful Visa Approval story you would like to share ? use the form below 😀 !

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