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    I am a DV 2015 winner from Ethiopia with a case number of 2015AF21XXX. I submitted the DS 260 visa application on June 27 2014. Therefore, when will I receive the second notification letter? Will it last longer than the letters sent for those with case numbers closest to mine, but who submitted the DS 260 form earlier than I did? Does the second notification letter have to do with the completion date of the DS 260 form?

    February 8, 2015 at 1:57 pm #12543

    Hello Tesfa,
    first, we thank you for posting here.

    Country: Ethiopia
    CN: 2015AF21XXX
    DS 260 Sent: June 27 2014

    Ethiopia has its own cut offs, so let’s take a look at previous 2 visa bulletins:

    • January VB: Ethiopia 15.500
    • February VB: Ethiopia 18.900 ( + More than 3.000)

    if our assuming goes right, your number will be current in March Visa Bulletin which will be published in less than a week from now ( we expect it this Monday 9th Feb )

    therefore, your interview will be held in April 2015, and your 2NL will be sent to you in the last 2 weeks of this month ( February 2015 )

    so cheers, you will receive a 2NL since you have submitted your forms too early ( June 2014 ).

    Country: Ethiopia
    CN: 2015AF21XXX
    DS 260 Sent: June 27 2014

    Current: March VB,
    Interview: April 2015,
    2NL: February 2015.

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