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    Hi Samuel,
    Please suggest me:->
    My wife’s DV application got selected in DV Lottery 2016 as a principal applicant, where me and my 13 year old son are as accompany members. We’re only three members. We have done a mistake while submitting detail about our son’s info in DV form. We mistakenly filled wrong City and Country as his birth place. Though we have our son’s passport, which has USA’s L2 visa (expired); which reflects his correct City and Country of his birth.

    Another mistake done in writing my wife’s last name in the DV application form: in place of “KASHYAP”, she mistakenly typed “KASHAYP”.

    Please suggest if we would be fine or simply the Consular Officer will reject our application ?
    Is there any protocol or computer process which they use to ascertain such mistakes ? I tried to search in Google to learn what happens to such cases – but could not get any lead.
    Please shed some light.


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    Hi Rajraj,

    First off, apologize for the late reply, I just got back to the forum once again.

    As for your both questions and mistakes made while filling out the registeration form, you will need to provide the correct data while filling out the DS-260 forms. You should know that it is always up to the consular officier to decide wether they issue a visa or not.

    For both mistakes I see they are common ones, and you should go ahead correcting them while filling out your forms. when you have an interview scheduled, try as much as you can to convaince the consular officier that you only did that by mistake, unless there’s something else beyond..

    If you can still reply, we would like to know in which embassy you will have the interview. because there are embassies in the world which have high approval rates, and they don’t mind such mistakes ( after investigating them of course ) e.g Casablanca US embassy, Cairo.. and at the same time there are strict ones which make it hard to get a visa by the end, e.g Dakar, Accra..

    Now Go ahead filling out your forms if you didn’t do that already, and provide the correct info as stated in your passports and birth certs etc.

    ^ samuel

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