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    follow this video, in order to register for DV-2016 and do it in a good safe way, then let’s say you will avoid been eliminated from the beginning and before even doing the draw. watch carefully, and if there are any questions or issues, list them below, as a guest or a member ( register for this forum ) :

    To view video description, please click here to check the video on YouTube.
    Thank You For Watching ! Good Luck, DV-2016 entrants !

    for this year, DV-2016 results will be available starting from 5 May 2015 at 12 noon EDT, 4 PM GMT, unlike last previous years, where results are always available starting from Day One of May.
    Video Copyright : Ismail EL., DV FORUM FOUNDER

    > How to fix and crop your DV LOTTERY applicant photo .

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