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    Basically if you have lost or forgot your DV lottery confirmation number and/or other entry confirmation details, simply follow this tutorial. make sure you still have in mind the email address you used during application process.. enough bubbling, here’s the video :

    The video:

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    Video Description:

    Hi! I am samuel from DV lottery forum ( dvlotteryforum.com ). In this quick tutorial, I am going to show you how to retrieve your confirmation number and other dv lottery entry confirmation details including date of birth and full name.

    Basically I will do a tutorial of how to retrieve your entry confirmation details using my old DV-2015 entry details which has not been selected.

    In order to successfully do the process of retrieving your confirmation number, you will need to provide:

    – You names: Last/family name, First name, and if found a middle name.
    – Your complete date of birth ( select )
    – The email address you used during registration process [1]

    [1]: You have to provide the email address you have used during registration for DV lottery program in order to successfully retrieve your entry confirmation number and other details so you will be able to do the entrant status check. the email address ( john@example.com ) is the one you provided as an answer to question 11 ( E-mail address ). don’t worry, if you can’t logging to that email, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to retrieve your confirmation number, because they only use it to fetch and find your case data.

    After filling out your DV lottery details including your full name, date of birth and email address, simply click on the submit button, and be sure you will find your exact entry details ( last name, confirmation number and year of birth ) listed in the page, again click submit and get ready to face your entry status!!

    In fact if you still get the error messages, please admit that you entered the wrong information or your entry was cancelled due to some disqualifying error.

    Thanks a lot for watching, please subscribe to this channel for more DV lottery tuts and share the video with your other friends including DV family 🙂

    Last but not least, I wish you good luck with DV-2016 & DV-2017 & follows, wishing that one day you go to check your entry status and you face the 1st notification letter ” Based on the information provided, your entry has been randomly selected for further processing.. “..

    Good luck!!


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