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    never lost hope, dv-2015 winner!

    1. April
    2. May
    3. June
    4. July
    5. August
    6. September

    Yep – that’s a half year period left for KCC* and the US embassies around the world to issue more visas..

    Everyone is worried that only 4 visa bulletins are left, in fact that kept us blind about seeing that 6 months are left in DV-2015 fiscal year, which means we just reached that half of the fiscal year, and we have one more half year left in visa issuance.

    KCC’s pace is increasing, they could incredibly reach 26th November submitted forms in the previous 2NL, which means, next Visa Bulletin is going to be good, and the one that follows is going to be awesome, reflecting the big progress of KCC since they already started getting rid of the backlog.

    For those seeking optimism, 70% of Africa’s share of visas are left so far ( according to Brit Simon’s March 25th CEAC data ), YES 70% ( 15.600 visa from 22k ), and embassies have a half year to issue those.

    Don’t be shocked to hear that only 4 Visa Bulletins are left, in fact, US embassies are still working with February Visa Bulletin Cut Offs max, and in 4 days they will transit to March VB Cut Offs.

    Visa Bulletins left:

    1. May VB* // June interviews // 2NLs* on April
    2. June VB* // July interviews // 2NLs* on May
    3. July VB* // August interviews // 2NLs* on June
    4. August VB* // September interviews // 2NLs* on July

    We expect the best to happen in the upcoming VBs, especially the last 3 ones. so, be confident, optimistic, and help spread the word 😎

    KCC: Kentucky Consular Center
    VB: Visa Bulletin
    2NLs: Second Notification Letters

    Response article to such FAQ:

    – How many months are left in diversity visa 2015 fiscal year?
    – How many visa bulletins left in 2015 fiscal year?

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