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    Hi we have 4 kids we are from Africa. CN AF39XXX. do we have to do DNA for the kids at medicals?
    someone was telling me i may need to take the kids for DNA? is that true? what do u think? in total we are 6 people we don’t have a sponsor, how much funds in the bank do we need to show the Consular to show that we shall not be public charge, do they accept assets in form of land titles, log books and National social security fund savings as proof of fund? please advise thanks

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    Hi MMEE4!

    First of all congrats on winning the lottery!
    The medical examination is less ‘exciting’ than you would think. They will give you a normal ‘doctors examination’, reflex of the knee, listening to your lungs, talking about your medical history, that kind of stuff. They will take your blood, but I think they only check for diseases like HIV or any other anti immune diseases. So no DNA tests, they only do that when you can’t prove you are the father and/or mother of the children! But they only ask for that as a last resort, if they really don’t believe you. They do check your vaccinations, and give you extra if they don’t suffice. And they make X-rays.

    Your second question is one that is a bit of a pain in the but for all us winners. Because nobody really knows, and there is no real answer. Usually 10.000 USD per person would be enough, so 60.000 USD (enough to survive the first 3 months in the States without a job). BUT this is all up to the consular officer at the time of the interview. If you walk in, you look dependable, you have a good educational background, a lot of work experience, you speak good English, he might not even ask you to show your bank statements. Because he will see you will get a job soon enough. Even if he does ask to see a bank statement, he will probably not really mind if that number is not 60.000 USD.

    But if you never worked a day in your life, your English is bad and you don’t have any educational background, he will ask for it, and he probably wants that number to be high! It’s really all upto him.
    They do accept assets in form of land titles, log books, fund savings etc… just anything you can come up with, but again… the consular officer will decide.

    I hope that answers your questions!
    Good luck!

    Source (scroll all the way down):
    Source: http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/immigrate/immigrant-process/interview/prepare/medical-exam-faqs.html

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    thank u Mellisa.well done.i was told that when u r given DV visa they also send you and sealed envelope that u dont open, you give it to the immigration officer in the USA on arrival.Now for a family like mine do you think they give us one envelope or per person,we are 6 pple.bse why am asking we want to all go for the visa interview and my husband goes immediately and we join him in the last month of our visa expiry?so want to plan accordingly, an from uganda, 39xxx, Kindly advise

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    i hope @melissa gets notified by mail and replies to your thread soon .

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    I’m here :).

    Yes, you can definitely travel seperately, logistically I don’t exactly know how that works, I assume you get different sealed enveloppes, yes. But you can ask that during your interview.

    The principal applicant must enter before or at the same time as any of the derivative beneficiaries. After that, the remaining family members may enter at any time in any order within the validity of the immigrant visa.

    Source: http://www.immihelp.com/immigrant-visa/steps-after-immigrant-visa-interview.html

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