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    Hi Samuel. Now that the appointment interview comes closer, I want to share with you a deep concern of mine that troubles me for months now along with the exhausting stress of the DV process since I first applied.

    In October 2014 I engaged in a relationship with a woman I like and when we met I mentioned her about my possible selection for visa issuing to live and work in the US, but she didn’t take it so seriously and she told me that now that I found her, I wouldn’t have to go and live in another country and that we would be together in Greece.

    The irony is that today she called me and she told me that in summer she would like us to travel in the US for holidays (exactly during the time that my case number will become current 😳 ).
    I haven’t told her that I am about to give an interview (in August hopefully) cause I don’t want to make her feel sad in the prospect of a successful visa issuing and us having to break up since I know she doesn’t want to leave our country.

    One part of me wishes I get issued a visa, but another wants not to so I can be with her…
    Anyone other member of the forum in a similar position that would like to share?

    May 29, 2015 at 12:57 pm #14543

    Hey Alex!

    First off, I am happy for you both to hear about the last year engagement.

    Couldn’t you just sit and discuss about this? maybe you could convince her that a bright future is waiting for you both in the US? Of course, it is your duty to talk about it. You can live happily in the US and come back to Greece from time to time..

    And for the summer holiday she wants you to spend with her there, tell her to wait a little so that you can grab your visa, and then go. once you have a visa issued you can both travel along together.. If only you included her in the DS-260 forms so you get 2 visas at the same time rather than sponsoring her later which will certainly take a little bit long time.

    Not matter what you do, just make sure you satisfy everyone 🙂

    May 29, 2015 at 1:24 pm #14544

    Thanks Samuel for your kind words.
    Sadly, she has openly stated me that she wouldn’t ever leave Greece nor her family and live in another country that’s why I didn’t include her in the form.
    Also I haven’t mentioned to her anything about my upcoming interview because I don’t want to put her in such a stress and grief thinking that we have to break apart, only to learn that I didn’t get issued a visa.

    May 29, 2015 at 3:17 pm #14546


    So, you are assuming your visa isn’t going to be issued and then since you didn’t tell her, you wont encounter any problem? Dude, I have no reason to go thinking that you won’t get a visa issued for your case by the end.

    Start believing that you will grab a visa IF you attend the interview, and then try to discuss with your fiance. If she still insists to not go to the US or let you go and later she can join you, plus you’re afraid of losing her by doing something she does not want you to do at all, then it is up to you to decide.

    Still, I think since you love each other, you can go out sometime and discuss about this, and tell her how much it means for you to travel and live in the US.. the bright future waiting for you there as a graphic designer ( you will find out later ), and that you are only doing it because you wish happiness for you both and please mention that winning the DV lottery comes only once, and never happens again so she might understand and make a final decision and then you can react.

    You know you don’t have time as your interview comes near, so work harder to convince your fiance of the importance this travel means to you and you both.

    You can also tell her that there is a possibility of visa refusal, so that might give her some hope if she is still stubborn insisting to no go 😉 .

    Good luck to you Alex, my friend, luck is what you need, and keep me posted if possible.

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