A Hong Kong Bank Directory To Help The Community

We have been getting overwhelming amount of traffic and requests from people looking for the right Hong Kong bank for their business needs.

After many different trial and error, we figured – why not make an “open” style directory of all the Hong Kong banks and let the community share their feedback (ratings), comments, and kind of crowdsource the best option.

So the Hong Kong Bank Directory was born.

But we need your help!

Each bank has its own dedicated page in the directory, with their profile, the branch locations, SWIFT code, and, their rating and reviews.

Things like:

Did we miss something on their bank profile?
Is the Swift code list complete?

And more importantly, which is most exciting:
Do you have any feedback or experience to share about this bank.

Now, we know – KNOW – many of you have had struggles and opinions about the banks here in Hong Kong, so we hope you can spend a bit of time to share with others.

And together, we will help share with the online world the state of HK banking.

So – check out our HK Bank directory and have your say.

Best regards,

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